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JR Partners delivers premier real estate asset management services to private individuals, family offices, and foundations, ensuring the highest level of professionalism and expertise.


At JR Partners, we specialize in discovering, developing, and managing real estate investments in Austria and Germany.

Our company is committed to providing exceptional client care and a superior experience. We customize our projects to meet individual needs, acting as co-partners by investing our own capital. We prioritize our clients by creating bespoke real estate portfolios that feature carefully calculated maturities, risk profiles, and attractive returns. As co-owners in joint ventures, we are deeply involved in all major decisions throughout the entire process, from acquisition to implementation. This collaborative approach distinguishes JR Partners from other asset management firms.

common goals

  • Annual Value Appreciation
  • Attractive Operating Returns
  • Chorded Investment Horizon

At JR Partners, our primary objective is to ensure a safe and sustainable investment that yields an above-average increase in the value of your real estate, complemented by cost-optimized services. We manage the entire real estate investment process, addressing all value-enhancing and operational measures.

Our highly competent team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive industry experience and expertise. Our long-standing motto, “Your success is our success,” reflects our commitment to aligning our fees with your achievements.