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ESG and Real Estate:
Our Commitment to a sustainable Future

our Mission: sustainable Profitability

At JR Partners, we view ESG not only as an ethical obligation but as an opportunity for sustainable profitability. We believe that implementing ESG principles will lead to long-term value enhancement of our real estate, cost savings, and a positive perception in the industry. Our commitment to ESG is reflected in each of our projects, contributing to shaping a sustainable and profitable future in the real estate world.

E as in “Environment”

Ecological Responsibility in the Context of ESG and Real Estate

At JR Partners, we are aware that approximately 40 percent of all CO2 emissions are attributed to buildings. This fact underscores the necessity for the real estate industry, much like the construction sector, to acknowledge its responsibility to the environment. For us, the “E” in the context of ESG and real estate means that environmental aspects such as pollution, biodiversity and resource protection, energy efficiency, and greenhouse gas emissions are indispensable on our agenda when managing our real estate portfolio. Although the real estate sector has taken significant steps in recent years regarding the “E” of ESG through certification systems for new constructions, there is still foundational work needed, especially in the realm of older existing buildings, to assess their condition and, where necessary, enhance them.

S as in “Social”

Social Responsibility as an Integral Part of ESG for Real Estate Companies

ESG criteria demand that we, as participants in the real estate industry, demonstrably fulfill our social responsibility as a company. This entails factors such as social justice, health protection, and occupational safety for our employees throughout the entire value chain. The social impacts of our real estate and real estate projects (construction and the proportion of social housing, municipal infrastructure, accessibility, etc.), as well as our societal engagement, are gaining increasing importance.

G as in “Governance”

Good Corporate Governance as Part of ESG Standards in the Real Estate Industry

ESG in the real estate sector ultimately scrutinizes ethical behavior. At JR Partners, we take ESG criteria in real estate seriously and advocate for transparency in governance. This includes our supervisory structures and the composition of our leadership, as well as our compliance with rules and regulations. Equal opportunities and the societal impacts of our economic activities also fall within this domain. Good corporate governance plays a crucial role in risk and reputation management. We recognize the risks associated with ESG and real estate and implement effective measures for risk mitigation.